Basic method for DISPILL
pill dispenser preparation

1) We offer two styles of dispensers for each category. The regular format and the improved format which has a longer label sheet and deeper blisters for both resealable adhesive and permanent adhesive products.
2) Once the labels have been printed using the DISPILL printing software, you are now ready to fill the DISPILL blisters. (Note that most Canadian pharmacy software providers support DISPILL).

3) First, insert the blister pack into the mounting tray using the guide pins found at the top of the tray.
4) To make sure that the pills are well placed in each blister with precision, you can use the sliding tray which is placed over top of the blister pack using the positioning guides.
5) The printed label includes the name of the medication which always follows the same colour code: pink for breakfast, green for lunch, yellow for dinner, and white for bedtime.
6) Place the pills in the appropriate cells and simply slide the sliding tray so the pills fall into their assigned blisters.
7) Once the blisters are filled with the required medication and the contents are well verified, they are now ready to be sealed.
8) Pull off the centre line of the label and using the guides on the mounting tray place over top of the blister pack. It is very important to make sure that the paper is properly aligned.
9) Now pull the backing off of the bottom part and adhere the label to the top of the blisters. These two sections of the adhesive label were designed to stick around the blisters so the pills do not stick to the label.
10) Once the label is placed flat on the pill dispenser, use the sealing roller to adequately seal the Dispill. Apply constant pressure on the entire surface of the label to ensure that it is sealed well.
11) Also, to make taking medication easier, the blisters are detachable by day and by time of dose. It’s easy, fold the blister inward and pull, they detach easily.
12) What’s more, all the patient’s information appears on each blister. The permanent style blister opens by pressing on either the left or right side of the perforated design. Designed for both left and right-handed patients.
13) The resealable style blister opens by simply pulling back the adhesive tab from the side of each blister. Since it is resealable, once it is sealed you can re-open the tab and re-seal it. This feature makes it a lot easier when it comes to making modifications to prescriptions.
14) These steps, when followed correctly, will ensure that medication is safe and secure in their blisters and are ready to be distributed to the patient’s home or nursing home.
For our new method of making changes using the permanent DISPILL system.


The videos are available in both DVD and VHS formats. These videos are free of charge and available upon request.